Are you weary of investing a large amount of capital in bucks and does on auctions, only to be disappointed when the animals rapidly loose condition and lack libido when you get them to your farm?
Dewal Farm will change your attitude.

We believe we breed handsome animals that conform to the South African Breeders’ Association (SABGBA) breed standards in all respects. One of our main objectives is to breed functionally efficient animals that can perform in the veld with the minimum of inputs. Absolute size and weight (“fatness”) is not the alpha and omega for us, productivity under low-cost conditions is. Fertility, hardiness and mothering abilities are key factors in the success of our stud and we aim to deliver these traits to our clients. Our animal health program is rigourously managed and implemented and the condition of our live stock,Cattle,and Poultry reflects this. Young kids are grown out on lucerne fields for around three months to minimise predator losses, whereafter they go out to be veld-reared.

Enquiries regarding the bloodlines, SA Studbook registration and other details are welcome. Our animals which conform with export standards and that have been graded and certified as such, are available for export anywhere in the world. Your enquiries in this regard are welcome.

All our animals have had Rift Valley Fever (when required), Chlamydial, Glanvac 3 and Chlostridial vaccinations and all animal health treatments are up to date. Their dipping and deworming programs are also all up to date and are rigourously managed. Our operation is managed using the industry-leading flock management software Herdmaster. Various reports such as animal health treatments, pedigree, progeny, weight and the like are available.

We farm in a non-Heartwater area but animals going to Heartwater areas or being exported are prophylactically treated and we achieve notable success in this regard.